About Us

About Palomino Gordon Law

Providing legal advice aimed at helping you safeguard you and your family’s future, we practice real estate, estates and business law.

We believe in fostering relationships with our clients, in providing direct and personal legal service and are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Advocates for social justice, human rights, equity, diversity and inclusiveness, each of our partners is a volunteer director on a board that is community based and we provide seminars in our areas of practice, as well as mentorship.


As we follow the guidelines that have been established to maximize our safety, our firm continues to operate through the use of technology [emails, telephone conferences, video-conferences and other technological methods permitted by our regulators].
In keeping with best practice suggestions surrounding COVID-19, where possible, documents should be exchanged by email and/or fax instead of by delivery.
Should we need to meet in person, we respectfully request that you wear a face mask. Our office is sanitized regularly and we have hand sanitizers in office.

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